Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheers to starting my Dietetic Internship in 5 days!

After three 7hr pre-Dietetic Internship orientation days, I'm finally coming closer to my official DI start day! The past few days have been intense information overload to the point where I'm left red-eyed, shaking, and weak - definitely sounds like hypoglycemia, right there! Yesterday was the last orientation day and once 5pm came I rushed off campus to return home to a mega date with my couch, lemon-grilled fish and rice, strawberry green tea, True Blood, and warm PJs :)

I've been healthifying/cleansing my diet these past few days. I've been trying to reduce my intake of refined carbs as much as possible and for me this means ice cream. I've become an addict, even though it doesn't really show. I've honestly been able to bypass my 3pm "wall" by substituting ice cream with peanut butter on whole grain bread or mixed nuts (includes: almonds, walnuts, or peanuts). Instead of a huge blood "sugar" spike and then an almost immediate drop, I've substituted refined carbs with good sources of protein and fat that will slow my digestion and absorption = staying fuller, longer. Easy solution. I've also started eating salads again - usually romaine, spinach, and kale with red raspberry vinaigrette, feta cheese crumbles, and grape tomatoes. I will typically include some protein (greek yogurt/Kroger Carb Masters, nuts, or diced grilled chicken) to my salad or as a side.

My next salad creation via Kayln's Kitchen!

One of my favorite Vegetarian Sandwiches (Hummus-Veggie) via Martha Stewart - includes many great vegetarian sandwich recipes! I highly recommend checking this link ;)

For more healthy lunch ideas visit Project Lunch Box!

My Dietetic Internship begins in 5 days and I feel like I have so much to accomplish in a very limited amount of time. I plan on continuing my Pilates routine to keep my mind and body focused, happy, and healthy.

Try out one of my Pilates/Yoga Routines!
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