Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some years form questions and some years answer questions... I wonder which 2012 will be?

2011 was my year of personal growth. I was accepted into the University of Kentucky's Coordinated Program as a Dietetic Intern to begin three rotations in January of 2012. Aside from it being one of my biggest accomplishments that I've been working towards during my undergrad years at UK, it was the pivotal gateway into my professional life. I've been able to establish relationships, on and off campus, that will stay with me once I graduate in August 2012. My internship, that will begin in a few weeks, consists of three separate rotations that include: Community Nutrition (at UK's Extension Office), Medical Nutrition Therapy (at St. Claire Hospital), and Food Systems Service Management (at UK Good Samaritan Hospital). These three separate venues will hopefully provide me the experience and knowledge that will guide me in my next direction, which may possibly lie in Diabetes Management, Sports Dietetics, and Women's Care. I'm hoping to use this blog to capture my experiences and insights that I will gain along my internship journey. Here's to 6 months of Dietetic exploration!

2011 was also filled with other interesting adventures...

I officially started my wedding planning process! The first "To Do's" were in my opinion the easiest to cross off the list. Choosing the ceremony venue was moderately tricky only because we had to make the hard decision to 'say no' to an outdoor reception and because Danny and I are not members of a church in Cincinnati. However after some online searching we found and decided on a lovely Catholic church that fits in with our classy/traditional style (as far as the reception goes ;p). We discovered My Cincinnati Chapel and they have been able to provide a chapel that is open to wedding ceremonies of all faiths and accommodate and assist our wedding planning needs.

I wasn't able to physically tour the chapel prior to signing the contract, but I was a part of the reception hunting. We checked out several sites, even a pretty nice venue right next to a strip club ;D, but in the end our favorite choice was The Metropolitan Club. Thanks to my mom's business relationship with the event director, we were able to snag this awesome place at a cheaper price than normal. Pretty awesome. I've loved working with their event staff, including their chef, to orchestrate and organize the reception that Danny and I have in mind. There's even more planning to come, which makes me even more excited to plan our next logistical and creative meeting :)

'Said Yes The The Dress' Celebration! We purchased my dress at the lovely,  Fabulous Bridal in Covington. It was literally a Kleinfeld experience!

Other Photo Highlights of 2011:
Girls Night at Cheapside Bar
NYE Party at Fountain Square
Danny, me, Sarah, and Bruno heading to Fountain Square on NYE

Lunch at Chez Nora after Reception Hunting

Jump Shot for Mom

 Reds vs. Losers

The new house my parents bought with my uncles and cousin

Eric's annual trip back to the states

Stage shot I took at Beaux Arts Ball

Shooting with Jason and Dad at Union Terminal

My debut on the Red's Jumbotron

Maria, D, and I at work!

Kayla and I swimming at the Splash Pad

The Rice girls heading out to dinner

Danny and I on Christmas Day

The Trio together during Christmas

Jason and I listening to Folk Christmas music at the MOTR Pub

Danny with our fullest Christmas tree yet!

My favorite picture of Danny on Christmas day

Danny and his gifts!

Danny in disguise and ready for a B&E

Breakfast, Christmas morning

Christmas at my parent's with my aunt and uncles

Uncle Phil with his favorite Christmas gift on his head

Danny and I on Christmas day

Christmas Fight night with Phil and Jason

Our first Christmas ham!

Our first Thanksgiving turkey!

Enjoying the UK Hoops W over Duke

 Everyone on the new lawn after my brother arrived from China

One of our awesome e-shots from LuvBug Photography

I'm not exactly making any resolutions for 2012, but rather focusing on being happy, healthy, and progressing.


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