Sunday, January 22, 2017

RD? Check! Job? Check!

After a super long hiatus, I am back!

University of Kentucky Coordinated Program Internship Class of 2012

For the past four years I have been working as a Clinical Dietitian and Director of Food Services in Rural West Virginia. There have been moments of growth and bumps along the way, but overall this experience has been positive for myself and the patients, clients, and customers I serve. I would not have wanted to start my Dietitian career in another setting. Before accepting this position I was offered an almost hard to turn away job in a gym setting in Chicago! I weighed the pros and cons and easily decided my passion and path lie in the gorgeous mountains of West Virginia. I have been able to develop my own workplace wellness programs, community nutrition programs, and finally become a Preceptor to a Dietetic Intern enrolled in a long-distance internship (Learn more here)! I enjoy working in a clinical position with many great opportunities that many Dietitians in Clinical Nutrition are not able to enjoy. On any given day, I am assessing inpatients or providing individual MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) to outpatients as well as presenting nutrition topics to my community. I am also working towards becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) which will give me the ability to develop a Diabetes Self Management Program.

So, what's next...?? Well...

The future is looking very optimistic and I have several goals to share very SOON!

Since moving to West Virginia I have met some amazing people with amazing talents, skills, and passion for people and exploring! Mountain biking came into my life like a whirlwind several years ago and I am addicted to it just like I'm addicted to my career. It has taught me that any obstacles I conquer on the trails are just like the obstacles I conquer in life. I am stronger and more confident because of the moments I enjoy with my mountain biking buddies.

Next up is my West Virginia Mountain Biking Association season! This year I will be competing, again, in the Expert Women's Open class in Cross Country (XC) racing, Ultra races, and I plan to try out some super gnarly Enduro races! Check out the 2017 race schedule here!