Cool Links

Cool Links is my weekly (hopefully) collection of links that I love! Everything from breaking nutrition news to things that make me smile :)

  • Whenever I'm in need of a major laugh Buzzfeed usually hits the comedic spot!
  • Laughing Squid features interesting art, culture & technology around the web.
  • Mashable features 'trending' stories from around the web on topics such as, social media, tech, business, entertainment and popular viral videos.
  • Pinterest! If you haven't yet been acquainted with Pinterest, let me acquaint you! Pinterest is a site that requires you to sign up. Once signed up you can create your own "pin boards". These pin boards are your way to express what you like - arts and crafts, recipes, hilarious qoutes, pictures and videos, fashion, photography, travel, and ideas for your upcoming wedding! It's very easy. Once you've added your pin boards, you can search these "interests" and start "pinning" these categorical items onto your boards. You can follow all of your Facebook friends that have created a Pinterest!

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