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I'm an up-and-coming RD. I'm currently at the tail end of my undergraduate career at the University of Kentucky, where I've been studying Dietetics. I begin my Dietetic Internship through UK's Coordinated Program this January and by August 2012 I will have my B.S. in Dietetics and will have completed my 1,000+ hours of Supervised Practice! Next in line will be sitting for the RD exam and (hopefully) becoming a RD. Registered Dietitians (RDs) are the food and nutrition experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. RDs use their nutrition expertise to help individuals make unique, positive lifestyle changes. They work throughout the community in hospitals, schools, public health clinics, nursing homes, fitness centers, food management, food industry, universities, research and private practice. RDs are advocates for advancing the nutritional status of Americans and people around the world. I'm really excited about my next step in life as it brings me closer to becoming a high quality professional that assist in improving lives!

Additional Resources

  • If you are a Dietetic student, check out the All Access Internship Blog. This is a great resource if you need information about the importance of using your undergrad to market yourself for your internship and beyond, getting matched, national internships, Dietetic Intern testimonials, and much more
  • Learn more about FNCE and how attending will help you network with Dietetic professionals and allow you to discover emerging new trends and innovations in our field.

Kentucky Dietetic Resources
  • The Bluegrass District Dietetic Association is based in Lexington, KY. It provides access and information about monthly and annual meetings/seminars about current topics in Dietetics, ability to network with KY RDs, Diet Techs, and other Dietetic interns and students. As well as giving you the opportunity to apply for various Dietetic awards.
  • The Kentucky Dietetic Association is your resource to nutrition professionals, education and other resources in KY.

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