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Pilates has easily become my exercise of choice. It works the entire body by toning muscles, enhancing flexibility, improving posture, increasing fluid body transitions, and aims for ideal breathing. Pilates can be practiced any, including all, day(s) of the week. This is true because Pilates incorporates the use/work of all muscles congruently vs. isolating muscles as you would do during resistance training. Before exercising, you should check with your doctor to ascertain whether or not Pilates is right for you. Older adults may have difficulties with specific positions and some positions may be dangerous (i.e., causing dislocated shoulders, hips, etc.). Proceed with caution and start with the "beginners positions" and progress as your body allows.

Great Pilates Resources to Jump Start Your Routine

I haven't tried this video yet, but if you have Netflix and can stream and have movies shipped to your house, this is worth a try!

Easy Vigour lists several Pilates Beginner Positions and includes helpful guides for performing each pose

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